Anti-discrimination guidance

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In important areas of their life, people with HIV/AIDS still are at significant risks of facing discrimination. Multiple discrimination is widespread, e.g. on the grounds of sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

We often hear of cases of discrimination in the following areas:

  • Healthcare sector (e.g. surgeries or nursing homes)
  • Workplace (e.g. harassment or discrimination by company physicians during medical examinations)
  • Service sector and authorities (e.g. when looking for a flat or dealing with public authorities)
  • During leisure time and in private life (e.g. being treated with hostility or rejected or outed)

AIDS-Hilfe Freiburg e. V. offers a wide range of advisory services to people experiencing discrimination in one or more ways. In this context we work in close cooperation with the liaison office for action against HIV-related discrimination at Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe (German AIDS services) sharing the same quality criteria. We actively support the elimination of discrimination.

We are also part of Freiburger Netzwerk für Gleichbehandlung (network for equal treatment) where we act as contact for HIV-related discrimination.

We offer counselling free of charge and in strict compliance with confidentiality obligations. We side with those who seek our advice and we stand up for their interests. Our counselling services include:

  • Clarify the situation(s) experienced by the person seeking advice and clarify his or her motivation and expectations.
  • Strengthen the person and provide psychosocial support in the situation he/she/* is currently experiencing.
  • Provide information on possible options for further action including complaints and legal options under the Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (German law on equal treatment).
  • Provide networking to offers provided by other supporting agencies or consulting with such agencies.
  • Report discrimination cases to Antidiskriminierungsstellen (anti-discrimination offices), Landesärztekammern (medical associations on Bundesland level) and the like (only after consulting with the person seeking advice).


Ralph Mackmull
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Bettina Deuschle
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Robert Sandermann
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