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Migrants living in Germany do not represent a homogeneous group. Many of them have lived in Germany for a long time whereas others have arrived only recently, some of whom have gone through traumatic experiences while fleeing.

Especially migrants and refugees who have arrived only recently often have very little knowledge of the German health system and the services available to them. We believe that it is our mission to inform them on (sexual) health and to make it easier for them to access the health system and services.

This is what we offer in connection with migration:


Our GeMi (German acronym for “health + migration”) services include informational and prevention events for international school classes, shared accommodation centres, residential units for unaccompanied minors and language schools. When we put on events in different languages we work together with colleagues who themselves have migrant backgrounds.

For prevention events you can choose from four additional modules besides the basic module:

Basic module:
– Sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS

Additional modules:
– Introduction to health
– Gender and sexuality
– Body knowledge
– Social interaction

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More information you find in our folder:

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