Counselling, support and assistance

Beratungssituation mit zwei Personen

Aimed at people with HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections (STI)

We provide advice and support for people with HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections (STI) during all stages of the (chronic) disease as well as for their relatives. This is what we offer:

  • Advice on aspects of German social law (German social security code “SGB” II, V, VI, XI, XII)
  •  Counselling on medical concerns surrounding HIV/STI
  •  Psychosocial counselling (e.g. initial diagnosis, partnership and family, HIV and work, mental health, etc.)
  • Support and aids in specific life stages (e.g. health crises, financial difficulties and livelihood security, professional turning points, living and aging with HIV, pregnancy and childbirth, refugee flight and migration, transition to in-patient care or assistance, care at prison, etc.)

We guarantee confidentiality under Art. 203 StGB (German criminal code) and maximum anonymity. In order for us to be able to adequately respond to your concerns, please arrange for your appointment in advance.

Contact persons are:

Bettina Deuschle
Fachbereich Frauen und Migration
0761-151 4664-16