Prevention & information

Junge Menschen machen eine gemeinsame Aufgabe mit Malstifte

It is a fact that HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) occur in all population groups of society, and one of the reasons could be a lack of information.

This is why prevention is an essential part of our work. Our services include different events and activities aimed at specific groups. These events are designed to familiarise the participants with issues related to sexual health and to create awareness of HIV/AIDS and other STI.

What we offer:

  • Prevention events at all types of schools for students in grades 7/8 or higher (including vocational schools and universities)
  • Multiplier trainings, e.g. for (trainee) teachers
  • Informational events for medical professions (e.g. trainee nurses or doctors)
  • Events for people in prison (including pre-trial custody) and for those working at prisons
  • Public activities (e.g. at concerts, discotheques, or exhibitions)
  • Activities targeted at MSM
  • Specific offers for migrants and refugees
  • Informational events for people with HIV/AIDS and other STIs


Robert Sandermann 
Fachbereich Prävention,
Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit 

Stefan Zimmermann
Fachbereich MSM 
(Männer, die Sex mit Männern haben)

Bettina Deuschle
Fachbereich Frauen und Migration